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Craniosacral Therapy offers a therapy that is a non-invasive touch supporting the body's natural ability to heal. 

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I was lucky enough to find Lynn during a pretty dark time for my little family, and when I was not in a good place, only a few months after the birth of my second child. Despite all the tools I had at my disposal, I lacked the energy and motivation to put them into practice to be able to lift myself back to place of emotional and physical wellbeing. Lynn was exactly who I needed - deeply compassionate and caring, with such a gentle and open nature, I immediately felt at ease and in safe hands. I found the sessions to be deeply relaxing and I always left with a renewed spring in my step, feeling lighter more open, more loving and more joyful. Over the course of sessions together I noticed that I became happier, more resilient, more creative, calmer and regained the strength and desire to be able to put into practice, once again, the well being tools I had learned over the years, namely in the form of yoga, meditation, exercise and nutrition. from then on I have been able to maintain the high level of wellbeing that Lynn was able to help me to reach. she has worked wonders for my husband too I might add. Thank you so much Lynn, I am eternally grateful too you. 

Anna - Professional Patient