I was lucky enough to find Lynn during a pretty dark time for my little family, and when I was not in a good place, only a few months after the birth of my second child. Despite all the tools I had at my disposal, I lacked the energy and motivation to put them into practice to be able to lift myself back to place of emotional and physical wellbeing. Lynn was exactly who I needed - deeply compassionate and caring, with such a gentle and open nature, I immediately felt at ease and in safe hands. I found the sessions to be deeply relaxing and I always left with a renewed spring in my step, feeling lighter more open, more loving and more joyful. Over the course of sessions together I noticed that I became happier, more resilient, more creative, calmer and regained the strength and desire to be able to put into practice, once again, the well being tools I had learned over the years, namely in the form of yoga, meditation, exercise and nutrition. from then on I have been able to maintain the high level of wellbeing that Lynn was able to help me to reach. She has worked wonders for my husband too I might add. Thank you so much Lynn, I am eternally grateful too you.

Anna Rose - Health Professional 

I had never heard of this treatment until a friend recommended it. I had been feeling run down, unable to sleep, had constant headaches and felt like my mind and body just needed to rest and get away from the continued stresses of modern day life. I am so glad my friend referred me to Lynn! As soon as I met her I was put at ease and this continued throughout my treatments. She has taught me so much about the importance of listening to my mind and body and how to look after myself and even prevent what would have previously been inevitable injury or headache or feeling of anxiety. I can not thank Lynn enough for the help she has provided and the self awareness she has instilled in me. I would highly recommend this treatment to everyone as the benefits have been amazing. 

Karen - Government Professional 

During our sessions sometimes I can almost feel that my body is 'talking' and trying to let me know what is the best for me. it has definitely showed me that the body does show us signs and we do need to pay attention to these. I am very happy and feel lucky that I got the chance to be able to become a case study for Lynn (during her training). She has a talent, in making me feel relaxed and allowing my body to recognise relaxation. 

Mrs Clarke - Professional 

What our customers are saying

Took my 14 year old daughter to see Lynn following a recommendation.

My daughter had been suffering from a sacroiliac back sports injury for three months . 

Three sessions later the injury and all the previously troublesome symptoms have disappeared .

I don't know why i didn't go earlier!  

Mr Litewski  Norfolk